Divinity Roxx and Steve Lawson: Masterclass Improv Jam

Here’s one to get you jamming. Divinity Roxx and Steve Lawson teamed up to teach a masterclass at Kidderminster College in the UK, resulting in some funky jams.

The clip starts with Divinity beatboxing with a foundational bass groove and Lawson adding his signature thoughtful accompaniment and soloing. The duo connects on a deep level, allowing Roxx to freestyle rap overtop with solos from each bassist.

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  1. Too cool! What a great combination!

  2. Mike Matthews

    Very Hip !!!

  3. Zaga

    This guy is borng. Divinity rules!!!!

    • Nesquick

      Do some research on him, being “boring” in this case means that he does a lot of subtle tonal experimentation, making ambiance sounds which immerse you deeper into the music. Let’s say Divinity brings the fuel to this spaceship but he makes it take off if you catch my drift

  4. Doc.Hoc.

    Divinity has it down great , this sounds like a take from Papa was a Rolling Stone.

  5. Anthony D

    I’m so proud of her!