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  • Gerald Veasley’s Bass BootCamp Returns for 2018

    Gerald Veasley’s Bass BootCamp Returns for 2018

    Gerald Veasley’s Bass BootCamp is back for 2018! Set for March 16th through the 18th in Philadelphia, the weekend-long bass camp features hands-on workshops, masterclasses, and performances. Every year the camp has an incredible lineup of instructors, and this year is no different. Veasley will be teaching alongside David Dyson, Chico Huff, Michael Manring, Patrick... »

  • Bassists Galore Featured on Alberto Rigoni’s Latest

    Bassists Galore Featured on Alberto Rigoni’s Latest

    Alberto Rigoni’s new album, which mixes funky, electro, ambient, rock, pop and experimental vibes, is all about the bass – it’s even called Bassorama. Italian bassist Rigoni (TwinSpirits, Kim Bingham, The Italians, and his own solo work) pulled together an extraordinary assortment of bassists for the album, including Doug Wimbish of Living Colour, Divinity Roxx,... »

  • Groove – Episode #15: Divinity Roxx

    Groove – Episode #15: Divinity Roxx

    Who is Divinity Roxx? Musician? Bassist? Rapper? Singer? Producer? Performer? Composer? Musical director? Much more. Divinity Roxx is a true artist. The electric bass is her tool to get her message out. She mixes and crosses genres (from rock to rap to funk to jazz). She was both the bassist and Musical Director for Beyonce... »

  • Divinity Roxx and Steve Lawson: Masterclass Improv Jam

    Divinity Roxx and Steve Lawson: Masterclass Improv Jam

    Here’s one to get you jamming. Divinity Roxx and Steve Lawson teamed up to teach a masterclass at Kidderminster College in the UK, resulting in some funky jams. The clip starts with Divinity beatboxing with a foundational bass groove and Lawson adding his signature thoughtful accompaniment and soloing. The duo connects on a deep level,... »

  • Song Exclusive: “We Are” by Divinity Roxx

    Song Exclusive: “We Are” by Divinity Roxx

    Divinity Roxx is back with a new single called “We Are,” and we’ve got an exclusive lyric video for it. Inspired by the trying times and situations surrounding us, the song is a call for us all to make positive changes, one person at a time. The video’s description sums it up: “From the abduction... »

  • Divinity Roxx: Get Here

    Divinity Roxx: Get Here

    She’s played with Victor Wooten and she’s been Beyonce’s musical director, but Divinity Roxx’s own style is something a world apart. Blending hip hop and hard rock, she’s got flow, edge and attitude to present a real in-your-face musical experience. Here’s the music video to her single “Get Here”, which won Best Music Video 2012... »

  • Warwick to Release “Fuss on the Buss” DVD

    Warwick to Release “Fuss on the Buss” DVD

    Warwick announced they will be releasing Warwick Live: Fuss on the Buss, a DVD release which documents the coming together of 11 bassists on a bus under the Manhattan Bridge. The group includes T.M. Stevens, Larry Graham, Bootsy Collins, Norwood Fisher, Divinity Roxx, Jonas Hellborg, Ryan Martinie, John B Williams, Brandino, Hansford Rowe and Steve... »

  • Divinity Roxx Bass Solo

    Divinity Roxx Bass Solo

    Divinity Roxx, who got her big break touring with Victor Wooten, shows off her bass skills on The Beyoncé Experience – Live! DVD by playing through a medley of classic hip-hop and R&B tunes, wrapping up with some solo bass and stage antics. Divinity is the musical director for Beyonce’s band, Suga Mama. »

  • All-Star Cast Projected for Bootsy Collins’ Funk University

    We covered the launch of Bootsy Collins’ Funk University back in March. Since then, Bootsy’s confirmed an all-star cast for the initial guest-professor line-up, including Les Claypool, Victor Wooten, Divinity Roxx, John B. Williams, T.M. Stevens and Dennis Chambers. Class enrollment is still scheduled to start July 1st at Funk University. The university is now... »