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Cody Wright: Bass Loop Jam

We’re all big fans of Cody Wright, thanks in part to his work with Jonathan Scales Fourchestra.

So, Cody recently picked up a looper. In what he says was his “first time putting together a loop from scratch on video,” he created a funky groove with plenty of tasty soloing – all while clearly having a lot of fun.

With this early success, it is no surprise when he says he’s “going to start using this at the end of my ‘Blackbird’ solo at shows!”

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Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews

We gonna have to start calling him Cool Cody. And by the way, very Cool Cody!!!

    Mike Matthews

    Mike Matthews

    I went a head and listen to this one again, and I must say when (Cool) Cody is starting his layering, the use of a chromatic descend to harmonize with his descending chords (which are not chromatic) is just down right awesome!!!

Trey Smith

wow…It strikes me that if this was the 70’s he’d have had a career like Stanley Clarke…there are so many great players now it is too easy to get lost.

Steven Smith

man, this is very nice. so melodic and such technique.

Trey Smith

I’ve listened to this 4 or 5 times now and it is just perfect. Really pretty soloing

Michael Hamer

“Cool Cody” is “the man”! I’ve been distracted with other projects and forgot about my looper! I need to blow the dust off of it and get busy! Thanks Cody! Some times you need to look at some body to help you to refocus!



that harmonic chord progression reminds of the bridge thing in jaco’s portrait of tracy. he kinda looks like jaco too. well..just a bit.