Jimmy Haslip and Jeff Lorber Reveal Great Musical Fusion on “Step It Up”

Jeff Lorber Fusion: Step It UpFormer Yellowjackets bassist Jimmy Haslip holds down the low end on Jeff Lorber Fusion’s latest album, Step It Up. It’s the fourth Jeff Lorber Fusion album since the group’s 2010 reboot to feature Haslip.

Haslip co-produced the album with keyboardist Lorber, a longtime collaborator, and co-wrote some songs on the album as well.

“We were motivated to find a new direction following [the group’s previous release] Hacienda,” Haslip said. “That one was a full-on experimental recording. Step It Up is more inside the Jeff Lorber Fusion box but has some new and interesting twists.”

Step It Up finds its inspiration in 1970s modal jazz. Still, Haslip said, “We also have a modern approach to this and we wanted to make sure that there would be strong elements of excitement and uplifting melodic motifs.”

“Jeff and I have really good chemistry and we have a lot in common with a love of many different styles of music,” Haslip added. “So together, we form a strong, positive union of ideas and creative energy.”

Here’s the album’s title track:

Step It Up is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Step It Up Track List:

  1. Get Up
  2. Up on This
  3. Mustang
  4. Fire Spirit [feat. Bob Mintzer]
  5. Arecibo [feat. Robben Ford]
  6. Right On Time
  7. Starfish
  8. Tenth Victim
  9. Deep Green
  10. Soul Party
  11. Step It Up

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