Groove – Episode #10: Victor Wooten

Victor Wooten

The Music Lesson is a book that will forever change you. Not because it was written by one of the world’s greatest bass players but because the message is core to living a life worth celebrating. Music is all over Victor Wooten. He was bathed in it from the womb (that’s not a clever play on words, just ask him). He came to the bass as his main instrument, honestly enough (his brothers plopped it on him). His music comes from within.

Wooten uses the bass so that the rest of us can hear what’s on his inside. He’s masterful… and it’s not a word that should be tossed around lightly.

A respected player, teacher, philosopher, and lover of nature, Wooten is a bass player that we should all aspire to be like. From his desire to get the instrument in front of more people to his thoughts around where the best music and playing can come from. Enjoy the conversation…

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  1. Great episode. This is the first one I’ve listened to from beginning to end. The man is deep.

    • Glad you liked it… but sad to hear you didn’t make it to the end of the other ones… I will work harder for your attention :)

  2. Jeff

    One more great episode. Maybe not as surprising as the others, since Is common to read/view/see Vic exposing his ideas…anyway, this one would be much better if it was 30 minutes longer!
    Keep on with the good job!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  3. Anthony D

    The interview was just as great as his bass playing.

  4. Julian Higgs

    What a fabulous conversation. Very inspiring. Thank you for bringing it tonus

  5. Michael

    This is the first one I’ve heard and it is very inspiring. Great words of Wisdom!

  6. Lene

    Loved this episode ! Are you going to do more of this kind, I mean podcasts about subjects like this? :)

  7. John K.

    I didn’t expect to listen to the entire thing but then I got so engrossed in it that it seemed to abruptly end. Fantastic. Thank you Mitch and Victor.

  8. HGM (Gabor)

    Inspiring thoughts! Thank you for this! Greetings from Velence, Hungary!

  9. This was like a little taste of Bass Nature Camp.
    I also love how Mitch starts each episode with a personal take of why he’s a fan of the bassist he’s interviewing. It sets a really positive stage for the rest of the podcast and draws me into the discussion.
    I’ve got to point out, too, that Mr. Wooten is such a master of turning a simple answer to a question into a full blown philosophical dialectic. He speaks just like he plays. Love it.
    Lastly, I still love the Aaron Gibson music at the beginning and end. I’m such a fanboy when it comes to his work.
    Thanks for doing these, Mr. Joel!

  10. Thanks!, I really enjoyed it. Greetings from Argentina.-

  11. noga

    victor always has wise things to say, i’m happy i could learn something from this and get some encouragement. thanks for this podcast!

  12. Mike Matthews

    Great podcast and great view points. Victor’s Mom should write a book on raising children… and his views on Mother Nature are just… words can’t describe it. GREAT podcast Mitch !!!

  13. A. Reader

    I’d like to know more about how he feels his family growing up made it so they were immune to mental health issues re: Robin Williams’ suicide. While much of this podcast was good, Mr. Wooten’s assertion regarding mental health and its root causes are pretty far off base.

  14. Oh my goodness. I loved this so much.