Bass of the Week: Sadowsky Bass #7210

Roger Sadowsky and his crew have been making some of the world’s best basses for decades, and bass #7210 is another fine example. The instrument is one of the company’s 21-fret standard style five-stringers with some gorgeous styling.

Sadowsky Bass #7210 Angle

“It’s what we classify as Standard Style, which means no pickguard or control plate,” Sadowsky Shop Manager Lisa Hahn tells us. That means more real estate for the attention-grabbing maple burl top to shine.

“[A] cool thing we did a year or two ago was that we deepened the neck pocket on all of our Standard Style instruments,” she continues, “so now the distance between the top of the body and the bottom of the string is consistent with our Vintage Style instruments.” For this bass, however, vintage style doesn’t mean vintage weight. Its alder body is chambered for resonance and weight reduction, leaving the bass to weigh in at 8.07 pounds.

Sadowsky also opted for their classic electronics with a pair of custom-wound, hum-cancelling J-style pickups in a 60’s spacing and their signature preamp. “The preamp boosts the same frequencies as the original preamp Roger installed in Marcus Miller’s bass back in 1979,” Hahn explains. “The center point for the frequency curves are 40Hz for the bass and 4KHz for the treble.”

Other features include an Amazon Rosewood fingerboard, Hipshot Ultralite tuners, and a custom designed bridge also manufactured by Hipshot.

For more information, check out the Sadowsky Guitars website.

Sadowsky Bass #7210 Specs:

Top:Maple Burl
Fretboard:Amazon Rosewood
Nut Width:1.75”
Frets:21, 18% Nickel Silver
Pickups:Custom Wound Hum-cancelling J-Style, 60's Locations
Electronics:Volume-Pan-Push/Pull tone/Stacked Treble and Bass Boost
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralite

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  1. Anthony

    That is one great looking bass! I have loved every Sadowsky I have ever played.

  2. Claudio Morgado

    Beautiful bass…(Y)

  3. What does “Volume-Pan-Push/Pull tone/Stacked Treble and Bass Boost” mean…? Think about it before you reply. It doesn’t make sense. Right..?

    • Graeme Mills

      Knob 1 = Volume
      Knob 2 = Pickup Pan
      Knob 3 = Vintage Tone Control Tone – Pull for Passive – Push for Active
      Knob 4 = Stacked Bass/Treble Boost/Cut