Daredevil Pedals Introduces The Almighty Bass

Daredevil Pedals Almighty BassBoutique builder Daredevil Pedals has introduced the Almighty Bass, a driver pedal featuring an original design that they say covers a wide scope of sounds. The pedal, which is hand-wired in Chicago, is described as having an aggressive feel and goes between “warm and deep, bright and fuzzed out, or any flavor in between.”

The Almighty bass has a straight-forward setup with volume, tone, and drive controls. Other features include true bypass, no buffers, and the option of a 9-volt DC jack or a 9-volt battery for power.

It’s available now with a street price of $150.

Daredevil Pedals Almighty Bass Pedal Details:

True bypass
Hand wired
Built in Chicago
No buffers
Lifetime Warranty
Runs on 9V DC jack or Battery

For more information:
Daredevil Pedals

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  1. hapijoel

    They really should launch the pedal with some demos…