Cryptopsy: Detritus (the one they kept)

Extreme technical death metal outfit Cryptopsy is back with new music! “Detritus (the one they kept)” is the first peek at The Book of Suffering Tome 1, due October 30th.

“It has been three years since Cryptopsy’s last release and many fans have expressed their eagerness to hear new material,” the band shared on their website. “This time, rather than a full album, Cryptopsy will release a series of EPs entitled The Book of Suffering. This new approach will allow Cryptopsy to put out new music more often while remaining true to their standards of quality.”

The track of course is held down by the brutal bass stylings of Olivier Pinard, who tells us he used his Spector Rebop 5DLX with Daddario strings, EMG HZ and the Darkglass Electronics B7K, adding “[I] don’t need to say that the tone is, beyond HEAVY!”

Check out the official video for “Detritus”:

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  1. something is wrong with the vocals…sounds like the tape got munged

  2. Garrett

    It’s definitely got that Darkglass tone.