Killing Joke Releases “Pylon”

Killing Joke: PylonKilling Joke’s 16th studio album, Pylon, has arrived.

The record, featuring Martin “Youth” Glover on bass was co-produced by Tom Dalgety, known for his recent work with Royal Blood.

“This is the third in a triptych of albums, Absolute Dissent, MMXII and now Pylon…,” said Youth, who is also well-known for his production work. “Heavy and uncompromising, bleak dystopian lyrics, as well as some visionary celebration… lots of black pain emotion. To be honest, we remain genre blind so our music will always cover a vast spectrum of influences, from disco right through to heavy metal and beyond…”

Check out “I Am The Virus” from the new record:

Pylon is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Pylon Track List:

Disc 1:

  1. Autonomous Zone
  2. Dawn Of The Hive
  3. New Cold War
  4. Euphoria
  5. New Jerusalem
  6. War On Freedom
  7. Big Buzz
  8. Delete
  9. I Am The Virus
  10. Into The Unknown

Disc 2:

  1. Apotheosis
  2. Plague
  3. Star Spangled
  4. Panopticon
  5. Snakedance (Youth Rattlesnake Dub Remix)

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