The Loop Loft All-Stars, Featuring Mark Kelley: Can’t Wait For Perfect

Our friend Dan Spitzer sent in this awesome clip of The Loop Loft All-Stars featuring bassist Mark Kelley performing “Can’t Wait For Perfect” live in New York City. The Roots bassist lays down a sparse yet compelling bass line with a huge tone.

“I thought you might dig the bass groove at around 9 minutes from the great Mark Kelley,” Spitzer wrote. We dig it, and we think you will, too.

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  1. John Cellario

    Is this a joke?….or is there something wrong with the sound.

  2. dan

    I love the playing around w three groove, but my wife said”makes me clench my teeth” fast fwd it!

  3. That was really funky

  4. I love Doug Wamble’s guitar playing

  5. I’m confused. I skipped to the 8:30 mark and attempted to listen to it for a couple of minutes but had to turn it off.I don’t understand. I mean, they aren’t playing in time together… I’m not trolling, I’m seriously at a loss and don’t understand how it has 50k views on YouTube and seemingly nothing but positive comments.

    • Don’t skip. Listen to it from beginning to end and you might understand what’s going on. You may or may not like it. It grew on me.

  6. Doc.Hoc.

    excellent ,,,