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Groove – Episode #11: Alain Caron

Alain Caron

When I was growing up – and was a young and impressionable musician – every bass player wanted to be Jaco Pastorius (that’s not true, the rockers wanted to be Billy Sheehan). These virtuosos seemed unreachable. There was no Internet. There was no Twitter. No Skype. All we knew about these icons was what we heard on vinyl, cassettes and then CDs. All we read about them was the occasional article in a music magazine. The players we got to know were, primarily, the local ones. They’re the ones that had the buzz.

Where I’m from, it was Alain Caron. At the time (mid-eighties), his bass playing was legendary as a member of Uzeb. The hard-driving jazz fusion trio was like the Rush of jazz, and their performances were the stuff of legend. Fellow bass players would pay a premium to take lessons from Caron and the mythology grew from there.

The youngest of 11 children, Alain started playing the bass at 11 years old. He attended Berklee College of Music, and after Uzeb disbanded in the early nineties, Caron has been on a musical whirlwind with solo albums, appearing with fellow musical luminaries, tours, master classes and more. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Caron at his home studio just outside of Montreal to discuss his drive of creativity. Enjoy the conversation…

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