Martha Reeves with James Jamerson: Live on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert 1974

There’s not a whole lot of live footage of the late, great James Jamerson, but the bits that we have are fantastic. Here’s a clip of the master bassist laying it down for Martha Reeves on a 1974 episode of “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert”.

The clip, which also features Motown heroes Joe Sample and Wah Wah Watson, includes performances of “Ain’t That Peculiar?”, “Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)”, and “Power Of Love.” Jamerson doesn’t get much camera time, but check out the intro to “Power of Love” at 6:11 to see the legend at work. (And listen at 7:48 for a tasty Jamerson lick.)

The video is taken from a VHS and has a duplicate of “Power of Love”, but there’s an added bonus of Larry Graham performing on the show during the last minute of the clip.

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  1. Guatavo

    Awesome…Thank you guys from No treble!!

  2. mojobass


  3. And Dennis Coffey playing that Firebird! Sweet.

  4. john shannon

    i was blessed to share a couple of seats w artjamerson, bro of james in1975 on a fly from motown to albany, ny.. he was the greatest-like james. & introduced me to gladys, for whom he was working. i was so thrilled. art, if u read this; or,if can be sent to you–please say hello. memories, john shannon