BTPA Introduces Solderless Patch Cable Kit

BTPA Solderless Cable KitIf you’re looking to make your own cables for your pedalboard but haven’t gotten into soldering yet, this kit may be for you. BTPA has introduced a Solderless Patch Cable Kit that includes everything you need to put together your own cables.

The kit comes with twelve feet of CA-0492 cable as well as twelve solder-free, ultra-low-profile G&H connectors. BTPA says the cable is made in the U.S.A. and designed to be quiet while keeping your tone intact.

The BTPA Solderless Patch Cable Kit is available now for $66.08.

BTPA Solderless Patch Cable Kit Features:

12 feet of our CA-0492 instrument cable
12 solderless low-profile connectors
1 reversible screwdriver with a magnetic top

For more information:

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