Advanced Bass: Diminished II V Substitution

A cool harmonic concept that bebop players have used for years is substituting dominant 7th chords – built in minor 3rds – over the V7 chord of the key. In this lesson, we’ll cover this concept to learn the possibilities of Diminished II V chord substitution over the II V I progression.

Follow along with the video, and be sure to download the transcription (and follow along with the backing track below).

Backing track:

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  1. Todd

    Once again a great lesson. Really look forward to you book coming out. Thanks Joe.

  2. Thanks Todd! My new book ‘Functional Harmonic Concepts’ will be available in mid-January.

  3. Wonderful lesson, great lines, real deep and helpful info on where you’re getting your lines from! One of the best online bass lessons I’ve seen – full stop! You’ve gained a new pupil!

  4. Dave

    I could be wrong, but shouldn’t the article say “substituting DIMINISHED 7th chords over the V7”?

  5. Hi Dave

    No, you are incorrect. What we are doing is substituting Dominant 7th chords that are built in minor 3rds. However, if you move the root of each one of these Dom7th chords up a minor 2nd, you’ll end up with four Diminished 7th chords- but that’s the topic of another lesson.



  6. Niram Christian

    Great lesson, like always :)
    Book with cd backing track? pdf book ?