PandaMidi Revives A Classic Synth Pedal with the Future Impact I

PandaMidi Future Impact I Synth PedalThe AKAI Deep Impact is one of the most sought after synth bass pedals around. Discontinued years ago, the pedal is often seen selling for $800 or more. Now the Deep Impact’s designer has announced the next generation of the synth pedal with the Future Impact I by PandaMidi.

While the Future Impact I is able to reproduce all nine original sounds from the Deep Impact, designer Andras Szalay says the pedal features a totally different build. “[The] hardware and the software of the [Future Impact I] does not have a slight relationship to the hardware and software of the Deep Impact which was really a precursor for us during the design process,” he explains. “While Deep Impact was based on 20th century technology, the Future Impact I. incorporates a state-of-the-art processing unit that performs operations more than a hundred times faster than its predecessor.”

Of the many differences, the new pedal has 99 program slots that are fully programmable with a desktop PC editor. It also has four multi-waveform oscillators running at 512kHz for a clean signal. Each oscillator has saw, triangle, and square wave signals that can be mixed for each oscillator individually. “The square wave signal has adjustable pulse width. There is a separate LFO for each oscillator to modulate the pulsewidth, generating a warm, lively sound. The saw oscillators have a decay envelope each so each oscillator can produce an individually changing dynamic waveform. On top of that, a unique feature of FI I., foldover distortion can be applied on each oscillator separately that can produce sounds with incredibly rich overtones.”

Check out this demo of the pedal, including an A/B test with the Deep Impact:

The first run of the PandMidi Future Impact I has already sold out and will be shipping in January. The next production will be available early February with a price of approximately $435.

PandaMidi Future Impact I Synth Pedal Features:

Super high performance DSP
All algorithms calculated with 32 bit accuracy
24 bit AD/DA converters
Oscillators generated at 512 kHz oversampling
Distortion calculated at 128 kHz oversampling
99 programs in 10 banks
First 9 programs Deep Impact compatible
Sounds can be designed and archived with a PC Editor software
Major sound parameters can be changed easily on the device itself
Free sound libraries will be published
Software can be updated through MIDI
Software update is free
Bass guitar sound or synthesizer sounds can be routed separately to effect
Chorus, Flanger, Slapback, Reverb, Overdrive and 4 band parametric Equalizer effects

For more information:
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  1. Jeff Yeager

    I ordered mine, can’t wait for the Impact on my tone and fun?