Jauqo III-X Releases “Trioplicity”

Jauqo III?-?X: TrioplicityJauqo III-X went in a slightly different direction on his new 13-track album with drummer Bernard Purdle and Kudzai Kasambira, Trioplicity.

Trioplicity is all improvised and I wanted the groove element between me and Bernard to be powerful and dominating but not overbearing, just do what a well balanced rhythm section is supposed to do, while at the same time having huge ears, Jauqo III-X said. “I chose to do no bass solos, only to play the traditional role of bass with the most modern aspect I could deliver.”

When asked whether he encounters any recording challenges when working with fretless sub contra basses, he replied,”I think it’s basically no different than if an individual is playing any bass — it just becomes a combination between the player and the instrument finding that perfect place. . .let’s not forget that most electric basses are made of wood and even though the instrument may be completely built it still moves and it has its days where it wants to work with you or not, but eventually the two of you come to that just right agreement.”

He then continued about sub contra bass amplification. “Basically 500 watts minimum will get you there as far as a manageable volume output. That’s clear enough to push the low notes, but the more watts the better. And then the right speaker configurations — I prefer 10’s because they give me the best of lows, mids and highs all in one package, and they are punchy where it matters.”

Preview the album:

You can get Trioplicity on Bandcamp and CDBaby.

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