Jeff Hughell Feels the Heat on New Album

Jeff Hughell: Trinidad Scorpion HallucinationsJeff Hughell, known for his seven-string bass work in the technical metal scene, has released his third solo record, Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations.

The album’s title references a super-hot variety of pepper and the music, from Hughell, who also plays with the band Six Feet Under, is described as being similarly searing.

While Hughell is the primary bassist on the album, he did pull others into the fold, with Dominic Lapointe (Humanoid, B.A.R.F., ex-Beyond Creation) handling a fretless bass solo on one track, and prolific Grammy-winning bassist/producer Kevin “Brandino” Brandon playing on another.

Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations is available on CD and as a digital download.

Check out the album on Soundcloud:

Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations Track List:

  1. Burn the Soul
  2. Relief
  3. Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations
  4. Brief Lapse of Clarity
  5. The Crown Won’t Cool It Down
  6. The Other Side

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