Jeff Hughell Releases “Sleep Deprivation”

Jeff Hughell: Sleep DeprivationJeff Hughell has followed up 2016’s Trinidad Scorpion Hallucinations with his fourth full-length solo album, called Sleep Deprivation. The Six Feet Under bassist went beyond his seven-string and performed a majority of the guitar and keyboard parts for the album.

“The biggest difference in recording this album was I took as much time as I needed and felt no need to rush whatsoever,” he says of the recording process. “I spent a lot more time working on my playing, doubling bass parts. I also worked a lot more on other instruments like my guitar playing and piano playing. This is the first album I did all the keys and piano myself, and the first time playing guitar.”

Check Hughell out on bass, guitar, keyboard, and even sitar for the song “Night Terrors”:

Sleep Deprivation is available now as a digital download from iTunes and Amazon MP3. A CD can be ordered through Hughell’s website.

Sleep Deprivation Track List:

  1. Night Terrors
  2. Drift off
  3. Crash
  4. Sleep Paralysis
  5. Autohypnosis
  6. Falling into
  7. Sleep Deprivation
  8. The Darkside

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