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Earthquaker Devices Introduces The Bellows

The Earthquaker Devices Bellows PedalThe eccentric effects creators at EarthQuaker Devices have released the Bellows Fuzzdriver, which they describe as a “back-to-basics, transistor-based dirt device.” The pedal is pared down to just Level and Drive controls for a straight-forward vintage vibe.

“Similar to the volume control of a “non master” amp, the Drive determines how hard the signal hits the input. At lower drive levels it’s a little wider and grittier. Resist the usual urge to dime it and keep the Drive low for mellow, amp-like break up. Slowly bring up the Drive and you’ll eventually end up in blown out fuzz land, having passed a bunch of useful distorted places in between.”

The Bellows was designed for guitar but functions well for bass. Check out demo: (Bass begins at 1:57)

The Earthquaker Devices Bellows will be shown at NAMM and will be available in May for $145.

For more information:
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