Slave: Slide, Live 1981

Slave’s “Slide” was one of those songs that created a wave of new bass players, thanks to the down and dirty groove pinned down by the late Mark Adams.

Get a dose of some old school funk with this performance from a 1981 episode of Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.

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  1. MikeyOnBass

    Cool guitar solo! Don Krishner’s Rock Concert was a good show back in the day

  2. it is a shame it isn’t really live…I looked around youtube and there isn’t much live from them especially back in the day. That is some old school fo sho

  3. Archangel

    This song was Slave’s first hit single on their self titled album in 1977. The song made me fall in love with the Bass. Mark Adams became my inspiration to play the Bass. He is the only Bass player that made the slide in songs sound so good and recognizable in hit songs in their future albums.
    His distinctive sound that his Bass makes has never been duplicated and recognizable too.

    • Nate Keitt

      Some of my favorite songs with mark Adams you & me inspired me to get slaves 1st album, slide was a song that grew on me, party hardy mark Adams goes off with a heavy funk, separated mark Adams has a groove with Danny Webster at the helms 1977 was greatimes the year I came out of high school??????

  4. Nate Keitt

    Mark Adams may be my favorite base player slave will always be one of my favorite bands??????????