Evan Brewer: “Cause For Concern” Bass Playthrough

Evan Brewer has released a bass playthrough for his song “Cause for Concern”, and it’s something you should be sitting down for. The track, which is featured on his album Your Itinerary, utilizes extended techniques to create a swirling sonic atmosphere.

“This song has some of the harsher, heavier elements that are on the record,” Brewer told us in a Track by Track interview about the Your Itinerary. “I don’t know exactly how I came up with that name, but I was just thinking that song had more of the aggressive elements so I wanted the name to illustrate that in some way. In hindsight while working that song up for the tour, I feel like ‘Cause for Concern’ fits it because it is a cause for concern. It’s the hardest song I’ve ever written. The first riff is a counting riff with different bars of 5 and 6 scattered throughout. After two whole times, the sequence repeats. It’s also got a lot of polyrhythmic stuff.”

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  1. MikeyOnBass

    Evan’s technique is amazing, and his composition is killer – I dig !

  2. Terry

    Evan that was excellent ,,,