Bartolini Unveils B-Axis Pickups

Bartolini B-Axis PickupsBartolini unveiled the b-axis series of bass pickups at the 2016 Winter NAMM Show. Based on the company’s original HI-A design from the ’70s, the b-axis pickups feature a fully encapsulated Alnico V exposed pole piece design that fits as a replacement set for J-style basses.

“The main design principle was to provide a highly asymmetric magnetic field in order to preferentially sense string vibrations normal (perpendicular) to the string plane,” the company writes on its website. “This high asymmetry provides tonal characteristics similar to acoustic instruments, which have a naturally asymmetric response due to the bridge structure and increasing and decreasing biased tension.”

The pickups are dual in-line with hum-canceling and are described as giving a huge, punchy tone. Since they are cast in epoxy, they also remove unwanted feedback and microphonics. The sets come in four and five-string versions with L/S and L/LN sizes.

They’ll be available soon with a TBA price point.

Bartolini B-Axis Pickups Details:

4 or 5-string Versions
J-Bass Sizes – L/S and L/LN
Coil Type: Dual In-Line
Alnico V Magnet
Cast in Epoxy
Exposed Pole Pieces

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