Aguilar Announces DCB P and J Style Pickups

Aguilar DCB P and J Style Pickups

Aguilar has blended their DCB pickup design into traditional shapes with the new DCB 4P, 4J, 5J, and 4PJ pickups. The dual ceramic bar style introduces a “new and unique voice for Jazz and Precision style basses,” they say.

“These passive, hum-cancelling pickups are engineered to deliver higher output versus traditional passive pickups – and without any shift in frequency response common with overwound or active pickup designs. Characterized by their full-bodied tone, rich sustain, and smooth dynamic response, these pickups are a great choice for any bassist looking for a new dimension in sound.”

The Aguilar DCB P and J pickups will be shipping in February with the exception of the DCB-5J, which will ship in March. They’re all available now for pre-order with price points between $130 and $247.

Aguilar DCB P and J Pickups Features:

Ceramic Magnet Design
Customized Winding
P, J, and P/J Sets
Formvar 42 gauge Wire for P Style
Polyester-nylon 43 gauge Wire for J Style
Leads: Single Conductor, Heat Resistant Teflon Coated
5-string Set Available for Jazz Style

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