Orange Introduces 4 Stroke Bass Amplifiers

Orange Amplification has introduced the 4 Stroke Bass Amplifier, an all-analog bass head available in 300 and 500-watt versions. The Class AB amps are described as staying “crystal clean and expressive all the way up, without ever becoming sterile or fatiguing.”

Orange Amplification 4 Stroke Bass Amplifier

Each amp centers around a 4-band parametric EQ section that has variable frequency knobs for Bass, Lo-Mids, Hi-Mids, and Treble ranges. Their corresponding knobs level knobs allow for boosting or cutting each frequency up to 18db. The signal then heads to a footswitch-able Class A compression circuit.

“Rather than a common hard limiter, the 4 Stroke’s Class A compressor design maintains the transients of the input signal for a dynamic playing response,” the company writes. “The carefully developed sidechain has a fattening effect on the core tone at lower compression settings, whilst increasing the amount of compression adds a springy character to the attack, great for heavy thumb work.”

Other features include a pair of Speakon outputs plus balanced and line level outputs. The Orange Amplfication 4 Stroke Bass Amplifier will be available soon with to-be-announced price points.

Orange Amplification 4 Stroke Bass Amplifier Details:

Power:300 Watts (4 Stroke 300) or 500 Watts (4 Stroke 500)
Impedance:4 Ohm
Features:Class AB Solid State Bass Amplifier
EQ:Active 4-Band Parametric EQ Section – Treble (550-5500Hz), High Mid (250-2500Hz), Low Mid (80-800Hz), Bass (40-400Hz)
Effects:Footswitchable Class a Compression
Outputs:Balanced & Line Outputs, 2 X Parallel Speakon Speaker Outputs
Input:-6db Pad
Finish:2U White Steel Chassis
Weight:4 Stroke 300: 9.45KG (20.83 LB; 4 Stroke 500: 10.05KG (22.16 LB)

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