Luminlay Introduces Luminescent Fret Lines

Luminlay Luminescent Fret Lines

Luminlay has expanded their offering of position markers with a new set of luminescent fret lines. Created for fretless basses, the fret lines glow in the dark when activated by an LED light charger.

The Luminlay Fret Lines are available in blue and green hues with two thicknesses: .5mm or .58mm. The sets come with 12 pieces 83mm long and 12 pieces 95mm long. Each piece comes ready to be installed in a fingerboard by gluing it in, cutting the sides down and filing the top with sandpaper.

Luminlay’s Fret Lines are available now direct for approximately $94 USD. For more info, check out the Luminlay website.

Luminlay Fret Lines Details:

  • For use with Fretless Basses
  • Blue or Green Colors
  • Charged by LED
  • No Batteries Required
  • Set of 24 Pieces

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  1. I used to think stuff like this was a stupid gimmick for show offs…until I started doing a lot of pit work. I’ll take one in each color, please.

  2. I think a good thing would be to get such good muscle memory that you don’t even need these or any other indicators (other than the frets on a fretted bass). If you’re just starting out, these would be good, if the person were playing in dark areas. If upright bassists have to gain the muscle memory, and develop their ear, then electric bass players shouldn’t need the markers. You get to really know your instrument without the guides, and you can interact with the crowd more when needed. I do play both and I know that it’s a lot more difficult to play upright.

  3. Shutup and take my money!