Darkglass Electronics Announces Release Date for Microtubes 700 Bass Amp

One of the biggest reveals at the Winter NAMM Show this year was the Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 700. Since the outing Darkglass has been further refining the the head, which is their first amplifier, but now they’ve announced a target release date of July.

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 700 Bass Amp

“This transition is very important for us, it’s a big challenge,” founder Douglas Castro said in a blog on their website. “It’s the chance to contribute to a wider audience in the bass community. It’s has been a really hard and long process, very educational and inspiring for us… We’ve pushed ourselves and become better because of it. As we actualize our vision into this amp and all the potential we saw in it became real, our capabilities to tackle bigger engineering problems and our ambition increased.”

The final details of the 700-watt amplifier are still being finalized, but the main components include both the Darkglass B3K and the Vintage Microtubes baked into the preamp with a Class D power section to keep it lightweight. Each of the overdrives can be accessed on a blend-able channel. It included a 4-band EQ with three-way switches for both the lo-mid and high-mid controls for a total of six possible mid frequencies.

One of the new features in development is a footswitch that will allow for accessing all the different tones in the Microtubes 700. Check out this NAMM demo featuring Or Lubianiker:

The Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 700 has a projected release in July with a U.S. price around $999, though details are subject to change.

For more information:

Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 700 Bass Amp Details:

Power:700 Watts
Power Amplifier:Class D
Effects:B3K and Vintage Microtubes Overdrives
EQ:4-band with 3-Way Switches for Low Mid and High Mid
DI:XLR Output

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