Jason Everett: Moksha: The Elimination of All Duality, Part One

Bassist Jason Everett, aka Mister E, has unleashed part one of an epic 22-minute bass driven sonic story called “Moksha: The Elimination of All Duality”. This clip captures three movements of the world-jazz-fusion saga, which includes Everett’s slick 7-string fretless work and a diverse cast of musicians.

”’Moksha: The Elimination of All Duality’ is the sonic story of a soul… its life, battle with death, its journey as pure energy to the source, and finally its return to the world of duality in a new life,” Everett writes. “This piece has evolved over the years and is now comprised of four movements and is about 20 minutes long.”

Each movement tells a story with the help of musicians V. Selvaganesh, Suhail Yusef Khan, Vishal Nagar, Fareed Haque, and Doc Smith. “The first movement is called, The Village and is a very traditional sounding, Indian inspired piece featuring some of India’s most renown musicians,” the composer explains. The second movement is called, The Battle. It is an intense and driving piece in 7/8 (although the rhythmic pattern is actually in 3.5/8). It is the sonic battle of opposites, dark and light, hot and cold, etc… The third movement is called, The Journey. It is a very open and sparse movement with a simple harmonic bass line, rhythmic kanjira playing and fantastic yet arhythmic kit playing by Selvaganesh on his new custom kit. The intent of drums in this movement is to play and stretch the time to represent the timelessness of being one with the source (god/universal consciousness).”

Open up your mind and enjoy “Moksha”:

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