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Undertone Audio Introduces the Vari-Cap Cable

Undertone Audio Vari-Cap Cable

Undertone Audio has introduced an innovative new product called the Vari-Cap instrument cable. Designed by producer Eric Valentine and Larry Jasper, the Vari-Cap allows for varying the amount of capacitance imparted by the cable with a 16-step rotary knob.

The effect changes the tone of the cable. Its range of adjustment from 150 pF to 1650 pF in fifteen 100 pF steps. Check out this (guitar) demo video from the company:

Undertone Audio’s Vari-Cap instrument cable is available now for $99.95.

Undertone Audio Vari-Cap Cable Features:

High resolution Variable Capacitance control
Convenient and Ergonomic User Adjustability
Range of adjustment 150 pF – 1,650 pF in fifteen 100 pF steps
Durable Neutrik 1/4″ Connectors

For more information:
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