Doug Johns Gets Personal on “Vodka In The Woodpile”

Doug Johns: Vodka In The WoodpileIf you’re into funk bass, you probably know the work of Doug Johns. However, you might not know Doug Johns as well as you think. That may change after a listen to his brand new album Vodka in the Woodpile.

The bassist’s fifth solo album is described as his most autobiographical to date with a fresh approach added to his signature greasy grooves. “Woodpile reveals an unexpected new sound for the Cleveland bassist as he shares a sense of his life’s influences beyond the funk-bass standard,” a statement on his website reads.

That’s evident in the opening track, “Old Woman Creek,” which includes the bass player laying down some banjo. Other notable tracks include a cover of Edgar Winter’s “Free Ride,” the funk-ridden “Tricerafunk”, and the horn-heavy blues-rock anthem “Ode to the River”.

Johns recruited a host of killer musicians for the occasion including drummer Jordan Simms, horn players Kenny Anderson and Joe Miller, guitarist Oz Noy, and a guest appearance by drum icon Dennis Chambers. It goes without saying that the album grooves hard.

Vodka In The Woodpile is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Vodka In The Woodpile Track List:

  1. Old Woman Creek
  2. Tricerafunk
  3. Free Ride
  4. Happy Family
  5. Make the Music Feel Good
  6. NEMO 1934
  7. Fairwood Blvd.
  8. Vodka in the Woodpile
  9. Ode to the River
  10. Berlin
  11. Dominicana

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