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Snarky Puppy Changes It Up On Latest Album

Snarky Puppy: Culcha VulchaFusion band Snarky Puppy has returned to its fully instrumental roots with its 11th album, Culcha Vulcha.

However, the band, led by bassist Michael League, departed from its live-from-the-studio film and audio style for the record, preferring to record at a Texas studio situated in the middle of a pecan ranch, and taking opportunities to overdub.

And League liked the change, noting in a Reddit AMA that for the album, “We really were able to take our time and explore things sonically in ways that are impossible in the live recording format. I think people will be surprised at first with the sound of the record. But I love it.”

He also notes that the album is a “very different-sounding album from anything before in our discography. Big, beefy tones. Lots of different musical personalities. We did it audience-free for a change of pace, and to create a opportunity for a new sound.”

What is the sound? Give opening track “Tarova” a listen:

League also offered up another bass-centric Culcha Vulcha tidbit on the AMA: “My favorite bass at the moment is my go-to, a 1959 Precision with a maple neck. BUT! F-Bass just built me a P/J 4-string that has completely blown me away. I even replaced a few of my bass parts on the new album (Culcha Vulcha) that I had previously tracked on the ’59 with it. So, I think that really says something about the instrument. Hoping they make more along those lines!”

Culcha Vulcha is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Culcha Vulcha Track List:

  1. Tarova
  2. Semente
  3. Gemini
  4. Grown Folks
  5. Beep Box
  6. The Simple Life
  7. Palermo
  8. Big Ugly
  9. Jefe (digital versions)