Sinasoid Introduces Signature Slate Coil Instrument Cable

Sinasoid Signature Slate Coil Instrument CableAudio cable company Sinasoid has announced that their OEM Sinasoid Signature Slate instrument cable will now be available in a coil version. The Sinasoid Signature Slate Coil is a 35-foot cable coiled into a seven to fifteen foot extender in a semigloss vintage cream jacket.

The cable, which is made in the USA, features Double Reussen shielding and a stranded core that the company says makes it flexibly tangle-resistant. It comes with a set of nickel G&H plugs including a right angle plug on the input side and a straight plug on the longer output side.

Sinasoid’s Slate Coil Custom Shop cable is available now for $99.99.

Sinasoid Signature Slate Coil Instrument Cable Details:

Made in USA
Vintage Cream Jacket
Low Capacitance
G&H PlugsDouble Reussen Shielding

For more information:

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  1. Ross

    $100.00 for a coiled cable?, good luck. I hated those back in the 70’s and personally don’t see a big demand for them, but, I could be wrong.