Noggin Rockers Practice Amp Now Available

Noggin Rockers on BassBassists looking for a quiet practice session have a new option with Noggin Rockers. The new “stethoscope-style” amplifier requires no power to get you jamming.

The device, which work with guitar or bass, attaches to the surface of your instrument to deliver the vibrations to your ears via tubing and a pair of soft gel ear buds. Volume and tone can be controlled by tightening a retaining ring.

Noggin Rockers are available now for $14.95.

Noggin Rockers Practice Amp Features:

Volume Control
Quick Disconnect
Soft Gel Ear Buds
Audio Flex Tubing
Attaches to surface of any stringed instrument, front or back
Control the volume & tone by loosening or tightening the diaphragm retaining ring

For more information:
Noggin Rockers

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  1. billy

    Now that is pretty cool!

  2. Makes a great gift for the musician in your life for just $14.95

    • billy

      Hey Noggin, how does it attach? Is it sticky? Can you move it around?

    • Mark S Beretta

      I need to know if the pads stick to my bass , can they be moved.
      Does it cause a sticky mess , please be honest.
      I’m a bit sceptical about this , my bass is fairly new.
      What seems too good to be true usually is.

      • The pads can be moved. I’ve moved them multiple times to try on various basses and they haven’t made a sticky mess.

  3. Mark S Beretta

    And no one can answer me if earbuds work for bass.

  4. I’m a believer. Just ordered a set. Reviews to come. I have 3 basses. I hope it comes with additional attachment pads…

    • Got the Noggins. Only took 4 days. They work as described and I’m satisfied. I tried placement on the headstock, the back of the neck close to the neck plate, on the neck plate, the upper and lower horns both front and back, and the front lower end of the body around the bridge area. IMO, the best placement is on the widest area of the back of the body centered. That’s where I got the best tone from my 77 Fender Precision. The Noggins are extremely loud and bass heavy on the neck plate. In the neck plate position loosening them up helped but I kept bumping them with my body. They came with 2 sets of ear pieces; one yellow, one blue. Again, better tone with the yellow set as the blue set fit more snuggly in my ears, but were too bassy for my taste. The yellow “ribbed” set fit nicely but not snuggly into the ears, which is good. One thing I would suggest is a piece of velcro the size of the stethoscope, but that’s minor. I will buy some from Walmart. No problems.

      What I like most of all is that I can put a pair of headphones over the Noggins and use my iPhone to practice tunes or jam along to my Garage Band app, which is the reason I bought them. I am happy and would recommend this product. If I weren’t happy, I would not have written this review.

      • Update –

        I have 3 basses. Two are the Precision and Dimension are ash and the Jazz is alder. Big difference in sound using the Noggins between the two types of wood. The alder bodied Jazz bass is much clearer sounding than either of the ash bodied basses. I’ll be using the Noggins with the Jazz bass almost exclusively.

        Also, the yellow ear pieces do not fit as tight on the tubing as the blue ones and may slide out of it, and loosening the stethoscope too much can result in separation of the velcro attached piece from the unit. If this happens you simply re-insert and tighten it.

        • BTW – As I stated earlier, imo, the back of the bass results in the best sound and it occurred to me that the placement is on the underside of the bridge.

  5. that bass guy

    This is not a “new” idea. There was a similar product about 10 years ago (JamPlug or something like that), oddly enough at about the same price. I think the original company called DVForge is out of business, but many companies have put out products similar to theirs in the meantime, such as practice “amps” that send your guitar signal to an FM Radio and the like. Anyway, a neat idea. I practice my electric through a Phillips iPod docking station which has a surprisingly good bass sound, runs on batteries and is small enough for a backpack.

    • What I like about the Noggin is that I don’t have to plug into my bass output jack. You’re right about it not being a new idea. Putting my bass guitar unplugged against a kitchen cabinet gave me an idea to use a real stethoscope with velcro, but the problem with that is it’s WAY too much bass for the ears, and the section that goes into the ears isn’t conducive to long term use. I applaud these guys for figuring it out before I did.

      BTW – I wrapped scotch tape around the ends of the hose to widen it in order to prevent the ear pieces from slipping off.