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Original Misfits Reunite for First Time in 33 Years

Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only

Legendary horror-punk band The Misfits will be reuniting for the first time in 33 years. After years of disagreements and lawsuits, original members Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig patched things up and will perform along with Doyle Wolfgang Frankenstein at Riot Fest in September.

“We were never not friends,” Only told Rolling Stone. “We were just adversaries. Larry Bird might not have liked Michael Jordan on the court, but when they go out to a bar they’re cool.”

Only said the set list was being worked out, but that “Halloween,” “Die Die My Darling,” and “Last Caress” would definitely be part of the performance. The band will play Riot Fest in Denver, Colorado (September 2-4) and Chicago, Illinois (September 16-18). No further dates have been announced, though it seems a possibility.

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