Darkglass Electronics Unveils Vintage Ultra Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Vintage Ultra PedalAfter unveiling the Microtubes B7K Ultra at NAMM this year, Finland’s Darkglass Electronics has given the Ultra treatment to the Vintage Microtubes. The new Vintage Ultra is described as “super portable preamp which enables on one side a massive clean sound, and from the other side, a tasty saturated sound.”

The pedal’s overdrive section has a Level control, Drive control, and a Blend to mix the clean input with the dirty signal. It has two footswitches: one for bypassing the pedal, and one for engaging the distortion. A Master volume controls the pedal’s overall volume.

Its four band EQ includes Lo-mids and Hi-mids, each of which has a three-way frequency switch. More general tonal tweaking is had with the Attack and Grunt switches. Attack sets the amount of treble content to saturate with “Boost” to emphasize clarity and presence, “Flat” to leave the register untouched, and “Cut” to reduce the amount of high end. Similarly, Grunt sets the amount of low end to saturate with three bass boost levels before the clipping stage.

The Vintage Ultra is completed with a 1/4-inch direct output for running into a mixing console or PA. It’s available now with a suggested retail price of $389.

Darkglass Electronics Vintage Ultra Pedal Details:

Master, Blend, Level, Drive Controls
EQ: 4-band with Switchable Lo and Hi Mids
Attach and Grunt Switches
Bypass and Distortion Footswitches
1/4″ Direct Output with Ground Lift
Dimensions: 10.7x12 cm (4.21x4.72 in)
Designed and Built in Helsinki, Finland

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