Kinga Glyk: Tears In Heaven

Bassist Kinga Glyk stunned us all with this excellent cover of a cover of “Tears In Heaven.”

The original is by Eric Clapton. Kinga’s all-bass performance is a cover of the one by Jeff Berlin.

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  1. Johnie

    Beautifully played

  2. Freu

    first i thought, mhpph overdoubs she goes the easy way.
    but then i thought, damn good music and well played.

  3. Mark S Beretta

    That Fender bass was the look I wanted but ended up with a blue bass.
    That type bass playing is how I want to learn to play.
    That sounded excellent ,
    Thanks very much ,

  4. Dave


  5. MikeyOnBass

    Good stuff INDEED !

  6. Alan Oliver


  7. PHILLLY Bolt??

    Kingya is a beautiful N soulful player lov d Clapton/Berlin rendition very amazing one ??Philly ??Bolt chen ????????