Bass of the Week: AJR Guitars Singlecut Bass

Our friend Christopher Kerton sent in pics of his bass for us to check out, and it almost knocked me out. The custom singlecut bass by AJR Guitars is a beauty to begin with, but digging into the details got me even more excited.

AJR Guitars Singlecut Bass

“So, this bass was 100% customisable. Down to how I wanted the pickup covers to look, and the headstock shape,” Kerton wrote. Near the top of his list of wants was for it to be lightweight, so the bass features a chambered alder body topped with a stunning piece of camphor. Total weight? Seven pounds, eight ounces.

Its mahogany neck is accented with a center strip of walnut and was profiled to feel similar to his existing Warwick Streamer. The bassist also opted for a dark, clean, AAA grade ebony for the fretboard with no fret markers. The leftover ebony from making the fingerboard was combined with the leftover camphor to make the pickup covers, tying the design together in a unique way.

It’s fitted with a P/J pickup configuration by DiMarzio, which is matched to a Seymour Duncan 2-band EQ. Other features include a Hipshot Drop D-tuner and a Warwick Just-a-Nut.

“It plays like a dream, with a myriad of tonal options at your fingertip,” Kerton says.

AJR Guitars Singlecut Bass Specs:

Body:Chambered Alder
Weight:7Lbs 8oz
Fretboard:AAA Grade Ebony
Position Markers:Luminlay Markers on Neck
Pickups:Passive DiMarzio P/J
Electronics:Seymour Duncan 2band EQ
Tuners:Hipshot with D-Tuner
Nut:Warwick Just-a-nut

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