Providence Releases the Brick Drive BDI-1

Providence Brick Drive BDI-1Providence has expanded their line of bass preamp pedals with the Brick Drive BDI-1. The comprehensive unit brings together a 3-band EQ with sweepable mids and Presence control, an overdrive, and a DI featuring their Vitalizer B circuit.

The overdrive is engaged via footswitch and is blended with the clean signal with a mix knob. “By mixing the drive sound and clean sound through the preamp EQ, it transforms and adds nuance to the overdriven sound,” Providence states. “Even when it’s heavily driven, the bottom end and fullness of the sound will be intact by adding the unaffected clean sound via the mix knob.”

The second footswitch acts as the bypass function. A mini-switch selects the mode for when the bypass is engaged. It can either bypass the Vitalizer B circuit for a direct signal or mute the signal entirely.

The DI section includes a ground lift switch and a VZ THRU output that sends the signal that went through the Vitalizer B circuit and converts to low impedance signal. The company says it can also be used as a parallel output to connect to other pedals or a tuner.

The Providence Brick Drive BDI-1 will be available soon with a street price of $259.

Providence Brick Drive BDI-1 Pedal Features:

21V Internal Operating Voltage
Overdrive Controls: Clean Level, Drive Level, Mix, Drive Gain
EQ Controls: Bass, Mid, Mid Frequency, Treble, Presence
Bypass/Mute Switch
Outputs: VZ Thru, DI XLR, 1/4″ Output

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    Does this pedal work on phantom power?