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Pedals & Effects

Lightning Boy Audio Announces the TI Box

Lightning Boy Audio has introduced the TI Box, also known as the “Thicker Injection Box.” Inspired by vintage sounds, the passive DI box is based on an LBA-MC15 transformer.

Pedals & Effects

Sonic Nuance Updates Tuner + DI Pedal for 2020

Sonic Nuance has once again updated its flagship direct box. The third version of the TDI (tuner DI) is 30 percent smaller, lighter, more durable, and quieter, the company says.

Accessories & Strings

On-Stage Announces the DB200 Mini DI Box

On-Stage has introduced a new compact DI box called the DB200. The small design was created with pedalboards in mind, so On-Stage ships it with hook and loop tape.

Pedals & Effects

Rocket Surgeon Starlifter Bass Preamp and DI Now Shipping

After unveiling the pedal at the 2019 Winter NAMM Show, Rocket Surgeon is now shipping the Starlifter Bass Preamp and DI. The box offers a three-band EQ with sweepable mids as well as a voicing contour switch with modern, flat, and vintage settings.

Accessories & Strings

Rockboard Introduces the Mod 5 Cab SIM + DI Patchbay

Warwick’s Rockboard has expanded their product line with the Mod 5 Module. The unit, which fits on all Rockboards except the DUO and DUO 2.1, offers six selectable IR-based mono/stereo speaker simulations with support for user IR - and more.

Pedals & Effects

Rocket Surgeon Pedals Announces the StarLifter Bass Preamp/DI

Rocket Surgeon has unveiled their latest creation for bass with the Starlifter Bass Preamp and DI. Built in a pedal format, the box offers a three-band EQ with sweepable mids as well as a three-way contour switch that offers flat, vintage, and modern settings.

Pedals & Effects

Westminster Effects Announces the Wittenberg Bass Preamp/DI Pedal

Westminster Effects has unveiled three new preamp/DI pedals for Summer NAMM, including the bass-specific Wittenberg Bass preamp. The three-knob pedal has a volume control, a Frequency control for setting the center frequency, and an EQ control for setting how steep the EQ’s curvature is. It has a standard 1/4-inch input and output as well as an XLR output. The Westminster...

Amps, Pedals & Effects

Bassics Unveils New Bass Amplification and Pedals

After releasing the BPA-01 floor bass preamp, Bassics took to the Winter NAMM Show this year to unveil a host of new products designed by renowned studio engineer Malcolm Toft. The range includes the A900 power amp, the AH900 bass amp head, and four new pedals: a compressor, a distortion, an EQ, and a preamp. Bassics describes the A900 as...

Pedals & Effects

Hotone Audio Now Shipping B Station Bass Preamp/DI

Hotone Audio is now shipping the B Station, a bass preamp and DI in a pedal format. Designed for studio and stage, the unit packs in a 3-band EQ, a Drive channel, and an optical compressor as well. The Drive is kicked in via a dedicated footswitch, while the compressor has a simple one-knob control. For further connectivity, the B...

Pedals & Effects

Tech 21 Introduces the Q/Strip

Tech 21 unveiled the Q/Strip as part of their display at the 2017 NAMM Show. Developed in a DI format, the device acts as a preamp and direct box with the features of a recording console strip from the ’60s and ’70s. The Q/Strip features all-analog MOSFET circuitry, which gives “warmth, girth, and larger-than-life tones for which vintage consoles are...


Ashdown Reveals Origin Bass Head and Tube Preamp/DI

Ashdown debuted the Origin series at NAMM this year, including a 300-watt bass amplifier and a tube preamp and DI pedal. Both units are designed to be “lightweight, portable and stripped back” for a strong yet streamlined bass signal. The Origin amp starts with an active/passive input switch and effects loop. It has a five-band EQ section with Bass, Lo-Mid,...

Pedals & Effects

Radial Engineering Announces the 4-Play Direct Box

Radial Engineering has announced the 4-Play Direct Box. Aimed at multi-instrumentalists, the DI works well for bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and more. It has a 1/4-inch input for your instrument with four selectable XLR outputs. You can switch instruments by hitting the mute footswitch, plugging in the right instrument, and then using the second footswitch to toggle to the...