Tony Levin Publishes Book of Poetry

Tony Levin: Fragile as a SongYou know Tony Levin for his extensive bass work with King Crimson, Peter Gabriel and innumerable sessions, but aside from being a music composer and lyricist, he’s also a writer who has kept an online “Road Diary” for two decades (its newest incarnation is here). He has now released a book of poetry, “Fragile as a Song.”

Bill Bruford, who has worked with Levin in King Crimson, wrote the book’s introduction, while Gabriel handled the forward, noting the book’s intelligence and humor.

“These are my poems from through the years, and lyrics from songs on previous albums, current albums and future ones,” Levin says. “Some are quite personal, others humorous. The title poem is about making a musical connection with a bonobo ape. We fashioned the book as some of my favorite poetry books are: small, leatherette bound, with no publicity blurb on the back.”

Levin has signed every copy of the small volume, which is only available through Levin’s Bandwear storefront.

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