Incognito Releases 17th Studio Album

Incognito: In Search of Better DaysLongstanding jazz-funk outfit Incognito — the band’s been around for 37 years — features not only the work of its bassist, Francis Hylton, on its 17th studio album, In Search of Better Days, but also original Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender.

Zender guests on the album’s opening track, “Love Born in Flames” (you’ll see Hylton on keyboards in the video below).

Something Else! reviews gives the record top marks. “Impervious to the ups and downs that often dog other long-running acts, Bluey Maunick’s Incognito remains a consistent purveyor of solid, boogie-ready jazz-funk. In Search Of Better Days never needs to go searching for a feel-good groove, because they’re naturals at creating them.”

In Search of Better Days is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

In Search of Better Days Track List:

  1. Love Born In Flames (Featuring Imaani & Stuart Zender)
  2. Just Say Nothing (Featuring Vanessa Haynes)
  3. Everyday Grind (Featuring Maysa)
  4. Racing Through The Bends (Featuring Maysa)
  5. Love’s Revival (Featuring Tony Momrelle)
  6. Selfishly (Featuring Maysa)
  7. Love Be The Messenger (Featuring Vanessa Haynes)
  8. I See The Light (Featuring Avery*Sunshine)
  9. Echoes Of Utopia (Featuring Stuart Zender)
  10. Move It Up (Featuring Vanessa Haynes)
  11. Crystal Walls (Featuring Katie Leone)
  12. Bridges Of Fire (Featuring Tomoyasu Hotei)
  13. All I Ever Wanted (Featuring Maysa)
  14. Better Days (Featuring Vula Malinga)

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