Steve Lawson: Five Stages

As in most of the world, politics in the UK have taken some strange twists and turns this year and it deeply affected bassist Steve Lawson. Today we’re sharing a first look at his upcoming album, The Surrender of Time that expresses his feelings on the situation.

“The next chapter in my instrumental exploration of what’s going on in the UK right now,” he says. “‘Five Stages’ refers to the 5 stages of grief – the sense that we’ve lost something important is palpable… A lot of it was lost decades ago, and this is actually the point at which politicians are getting to see what that amount of underinvestment and lack of support for most of the country outside London has done… So we’re at a point where things are pretty messed up, and the way forward is far from clear. I’ve pretty much run out of words to try and make sense of it for now, so I’m relying on music.”

Using his bass and deep collection of electronics, Lawson creates a sparse yet engaging track. Put on some headphones and enjoy.

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