Eastwood To Revive Teisco Spectrum 5 Bass

Eastwood Teisco Spectrum 5 Bass - Blue

Eastwood’s Custom Shop is reviving another classic instrument with their new model called the Spectrum 5 Bass. Based on the Teisco Spectrum 5, the bass version is a four-string that will feature a precision German carved top in the spirit of the original.

The bass will carry many of the same vintage features, though Eastwood had to make a few tweaks. “We have changed the headstock to 4 in-line tuners with the Ichiban shape because trademarks prevent us from using the 3+1 headstock,” they write. “But we will still have the cool pickguard material on the headstock like the original!”

The short 30-inch scale bass is built with a bolt-on maple neck and will be fitted with a pair of TDR custom hi-output single coil pickups. Its control configuration will include a separate volume controls, a master tone control, and individual on/off switches.

As with the rest of Eastwood’s vintage remakes, the Spectrum 5 Bass was introduced on the company’s crowd-funding pre-order platform. It will go into production once their goal of $2,000 is met. The bass has a pre-order deposit of $250 with a final price of $1,349, which includes a custom hardshell case.

Eastwood Spectrum 5 Bass Specifications:

Body:Precision German Carved Top
Pickups:Two TDR Custom Hi-Output Single Coil
Controls:Volume/Volume/Tone, Individual On/Off Switches

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