Fender Introduces 800-Watt Bassman Head

Fender Bassman 800 Head

Fender’s Bassman series of bass amplifiers has gotten bigger with the introduction of the Bassman 800 Head. The 800-watt, dual channel amp features a hybrid design with a tube preamp matched to a Class D power section. It weighs 17 pounds.

Its two-channel tube preamp has Vintage and Overdrive voicings. The Vintage channel provides a vintage tone with a passive tone circuit that cuts frequencies instead of boosting them, “giving each note a distinctive thickness with no high end fizz,” the company says. Conversely, the overdrive section features an active 3-band tone circuit complete with a variable mid frequency control. It also has a blend control to dial in your grit.

The Bassman 800’s rear panel is fitted with a tuner output, an effects loop, and an XLR line output. The DI has a level control, pre/post EQ switch, and a ground lift. Its main outputs are combination speakON and ¼″ jacks. Finally, the amp has a footswitch pedal (included) for switching between the channels.

The Fender Bassman 800 is available for order now with a street price of $999.99.

Fender Bassman 800 Head Back

Fender Bassman 800 Bass Head Specs:

Wattage:800 Watts RMS output at 4 ohms
Preamp Tubes:2 x 12AX7
Rectifier:Solid State
Controls:Vintage - VOL, BASS (pull DEEP), MID, TREBLE (pull BRIGHT); Overdrive - GAIN, BLEND, VOL, BASS (pull DEEP), MID FREQ, MID LVL, TREBLE (pull BRIGHT); MASTER (pull MUTE)
Channels:Two - (Vintage and Overdrive)
Inputs:Two - (¼″, Input 2 is at -6dB)
Line Out:One - (XLR with Ground Lift, Level Control, and Pre/Post EQ Switch)
Footswitch:1-Button (Channel Select), P/N: 0994052000 (Included)
Cabinet Material:7-Ply 5/8″ Meranti Plywood
Grille Cloth:Black and Silver Strand
Amplifier Jewel:Red Jewel
Front Panel:Black
Handle:Molded Rubber “Dog Bone” Style
Total Impedance:4, 8, or 16 ohms
Amp Weight:17 lbs (7.7 kg)
Amp Height:8.6″ (21.9 cm)
Amp Width:22.37″ (56.81 cm)
Amp Length:10.5″ (26.7 cm)

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  1. Ray

    What is the output at 8 ohms?

  2. bassura

    ahahah another computer?

  3. bassura

    probably with the same Class D power section as Tecamp, Aguilar, Gallien-Krueger, Eden, etc :)

  4. Lou

    Well, I assume it’s the same concept as the Bassman 500. Tube preamp from the all tube Bassmans and Rumble power stage. Which probably means that a Rumble 800 will be introduced as well. I have the Bassman 500. Guess more power won’t hurt but personally I would use the extra bucks for an investment in more speakers instead. Or save up for the 100T.

  5. Midibass

    Trying their hand at the Mesa 800? All ICE modules.. probably best available