Contest: Win a “Lords of the Low End” Bass Gear Prize Pack from La Bella, Sadowsky, Kala, SimS, Xotic and Hipshot

Update: Thanks to everyone who entered! We’re thrilled to announce the winners: Austin S. (1st prize), Anthony C. (2nd prize) and Jeff D. (third prize). A huge thanks to Sadowsky, Kala, Hipshot, Xotic, SimS Pickups and La Bella. Be sure to check out the Lords of the Low End event.

Lords of the Low End Bass Gear PrizesKala Brand Music, Sadowsky, SimS Pickups, Xotic Guitars, Hipshot, La Bella Strings and No Treble are teaming up to help promote Lords of the Low End in raising money for “Little Kids Rock” non-profit organization. This non-profit helps restore and revitalize music education in disadvantaged public schools. Three lucky winners will be selected in a random drawing September 30, 2016.

Grand Prize:

One lucky winner will receive a Kala Ubass, Kala’s new silver plated round wound strings, Sadowsky Bass Preamp, and 6 sets of La Bella 760FS flat wound strings.

2nd Prize:

The 2nd prize winner will receive a set of Simms 4-string “Super Quad Pickups” (it’s like having 15 pickups in one!), Xotic Guitars Bass BB Premamp pedal, and three sets of La Bella LTF-4A flats.

3rd Prize:

The 3rd prize winner will receive Hipshots new bass bridge, and one set of La Bella 750G nylon tape bass strings.

Event Spotlight:

Lords of the Low End 4

Product info:

Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp

Sadowsky Onboard Bass PreampSadowsky Guitars is pleased to offer the new Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp. Completely prewired control assembly offering the same controls and preamp as all Sadowsky Basses.

The preamp can be installed with the included control plate, or transferred to other plate or pickguard. It can also be installed through a rear control cavity either 4 in line or diamond pattern. Pickups attach via connectors at pan pot. Direction of the pan can be easily reversed by switching connectors. Installation requires a side jack and a battery compartment. This system is not compatible with EMG or any other active pickups requiring anything other than a 250K or 500K volume pot. For these applications, please custom order a parts only preamp kit and use your existing volume pot. Learn more.

Kala Brand Music Company Exotic Mahogany U-BASS

Kala Brand Music Company Exotic Mahogany U-BASSThe Kala Exotic Mahogany U-BASS is a meticulously crafted instrument that offers fine tonewoods that produce a surprisingly warm and rich sound that you’ll instantly fall in love with. The 21″ scale allows you to move effortlessly up and down the 16-fret fingerboard. Other quality features include exotic mahogany back, sides and neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, custom die cast tuners, custom Kala and Road Toad logo inlays, and a Kala electronic system with an active EQ and built-in tuner.

Available in 4 or 5 string sets, the Kala Metal Round Wound strings offer U-Bassists the familiar feel of metal strings. Accurate intonation, warm, booming tone and lower tension. Learn more.

Hipshot KickAss™ Bass Bridge:

Hipshot KickAss™ Bass BridgeLovingly dedicated to the granddaddy of high mass bridges, Hipshot is proud to offer the KickAss™ Bass Bridge. Hipshot spent years plus countless versions ensuring that this ‘tribute’ would possess the soul of the original without being a copy. The KickAss™ features the following. Our unique saddle design features pre notched inserts (no filling required). These inserts allow you to easily adjust your string spacing from a narrow .687″ (17.5mm) to a wide .800″ (20mm) and anywhere in between!

The KickAss™ Bass Bridge comes standard with brass saddle inserts which emphasize the fundamental tone and give your bass a mellow sound. Extra brass or stainless steel inserts can be purchased too. It mounts on a typical 5 hole bass configuration and features recessed string ball holes for a sleeker, sexier look. Stainless steel saddle inserts are avaliable. Stainless Steel emphasizes the harmonic overtone series and gives your bass a brighter sound. Learn more.

Xotic Guitars BB Preamp:

Xotic Guitars BB PreampThe BB Preamp offers a wide variety of sounds. It’s capable of a 30dB+ clean boost with an adjustable ±15dB two band active EQ which adds a wide range of harmonic content to your ideal sound.

The BB also utilizes a pre-gain stage which allows the pedal to go from a very pristine clean to a very smooth, compressed, overdriven sound. It offers true bypass for eliminating any signal interference when switched off, and it can be used with AC adaptor (optional) or 9V Battery. Learn more.

SimS Super Quad Pickups:

SimS Super Quad PickupsSimilar to our “Super 8” pickup used to great effect in our Enfield basses, our “Super Quad” pickup exploits the use of multiple coils in each pickup enclosure.

When connected to our totally unique “TRI-LOGIC” switching system you are ready to select a multitude of tones straight from the pickups themselves enabling you to switch between split coil (red), single coil (green) and hum-cancelling (blue) with just the simple flick of a switch.

With it’s tri-color L.E.D., it is simple to identify and navigate any of the pickup models that you have chosen. Learn more.

La Bella Strings:

760FS Flat Wound String Bass Strings:
La Bella 760FS Flat Wound StringsSince the 50s and 60s, La Bella’s DEEP TALKIN’ BASS Stainless Steel Flat Wounds have been the choice of professional bass players and continue to be the standard for the best sounding Flat Wounds on the market. These strings are made in the USA with American Wire.

String Gauges: .045, .065, .085, .105.

Learn more.

LTF-4A Flat Wound Bass Strings:
La Bella LTF-4A Flat WoundsLa Bella Strings is taking a new approach to flat wound bass strings; the result is the LIGHT TENSION FLEXIBLE FLATS series. Using the same techniques that have made the Deep Talkin’ Bass Stainless Steel Flat Wounds the best-selling flat wound set on the market, La Bella has adjusted the construction to create a lighter and more flexible alternative to our classic heavier flats. The Light Tension Flexible Flats deliver the same classic sound but without the floppy-string effect associated with other light tension flat wound strings. These hand-wound and hand-polished strings are equipped with round cores for flexibility, and narrower ribbon wire to achieve that unrivaled smooth feeling uniquely characteristic to La Bella Strings.

String Gauges: .042, .056, .070, .100.

Learn more.

750G Gold White Nylon Bass Strings:
La Bella 750G Gold White Nylon Bass StringsThe Gold White Nylon Tape Wound bass strings are the latest addition to our popular tape wound lineup! Constructed with Golden Alloy (80/20 brass) underlays, these strings are brighter in tone compared to the Copper White Nylon Tape Wounds, and also have dramatically increased attack and sustain.

String Gauges: .050, .065, .085, .105. Also available in 5-String 750G-B (.050, .065, .085, .105, .135) & 6-String 750G-CB (.043, .050, .065, .085, .105 .135) models.

Learn more.

Contest Details

Please note: This contest is open to residents of all countries (except where laws prohibit entry). Winners outside of the U.S. will be responsible for shipping and related costs (i.e. VAT).

Contest Rules: This contest is designed as a promotion for La Bella, Sadowsky, Kala, SimS, Xotic and Hipshot and is void where prohibited. Three winners will be randomly chosen from the submissions received. One entry per person, and a valid email address is required. Participants must be of legal age, and this contest is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws. By participating, the entrant agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless La Bella, Sadowsky, Kala, SimS, Xotic, Hipshot and No Treble from any and all liabilities claims and actions. The prize carries no warranty. No purchase necessary.

Winners will be notified by email on September 30, 2016.

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    I had the experience of attending the 2015 event ( Lord of the low end ) simply amazing event . Reminds me of a small NAMM show . Great bass player , I had the pleasure meeting many many of the manufacture of these fine instrument . The vinue was very nice . Lot’s of great people . I will attend this year for sure .

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