Victor Wooten Shares on His Role in Octavision

Victor Wooten

A week after it was unveiled, Victor Wooten has weighed in on his role in the new prog-metal project Octavision. The group, which is the brainchild of guitarist Hovak Alaverdyan, has garnered loads of attention since releasing a single song, “Three Lives“.

“Although I enjoyed playing on this song, please know that Octavision is not my band,” Wooten wrote on his Facebook page. “Octavision is not a band at all. We were all hired by Hovak Alaverdyan (the guitarist and composer) to play on one song. I love the song; I love the writing; and I loved the challenge of playing on it, but I don’t want to be misrepresented only to help promote it. I love Hovak Alaverdyan and his family. We are longtime friends. He’s an amazing guitarist, and I’m sure the rest of his music (once completed) will be just as amazing. But I don’t know who the other musicians will be.”

The bass legend went on to say that fans can expect a new trio project featuring drummer Dennis Chambers and saxophonist Bob Franceschini. “We’ll be touring in Europe this November starting in Milan on November 1 & 2. We’ll release the record and tour throughout the U.S. in 2017.”

Be sure to check out Wooten’s website for more details.

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  1. Lorenz Inez

    I certainly hope Steve is satisfied

  2. Steve

    You guys are pretty funny.

    However, just so that you do not miss anything, what I was saying had really very little to do with Victor Wooten. He needs nothing from me.

    My point was the irony of a bass player magazine that does not seem to have the gumption to actually call a bass player before they report ‘news’ about a bass player.