Cliff Williams Officially Retires from AC/DC

Cliff WilliamsAfter announcing it earlier this year, Cliff Williams has officially retired from AC/DC after a nearly 40 year run. The bassist joined the band in 1977, just two years after their debut album, and played on every subsequent release.

“I’m just ready to get off the road,” Williams stated in a video interview. “[I need] family time now and just to chill out. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than being with the people I’m with… and playing this music.”

Watch the full statement here:

Williams, who typically keeps a low profile, was goaded to the front of the stage by guitarist Angus Young during his final concert in Philadelphia.

There’s no word as to the bassist’s replacement. Young told Rolling Stone that he doesn’t know what the future holds for the seminal rock band.

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  1. Brandon T.

    You know…over the years I was, and still am, “wow’ed” by bassists like Wooten, Sheehan, Manring, ect., but when you hear what Cliff does along side of Simon Wright or Phil Rudd (or Chris Slade), and underneath the Youngs – keeping it straightforward and simple – it is just pure magic and raw power!! His bass playing is akin to a freight train, going full-steam, and unstoppable. He will be missed if the band continues.