Fuzzrocious Pedals Unveils the M.O.T.H.

Fuzzrocious Pedals M.O.T.H. PedalFuzzrocious Pedals has unveiled the M.O.T.H. pedal, which stands for Multi Overdrive Tremolo Hex. The pedal combines an overdrive, fuzz, tremolo, and noise machine oscillator into one cohesive package.

It starts with an overdrive circuit that is set up for low-medium drive, which “pushes into a power amp IC which provides a blast of volume,” the company writes. When turned fully counterclockwise, the gain pot offers up glitchy, fuzzy tones. Clockwise, it cleans up with clear, low gain, chimey tones. Fuzzrocious also says the drive responds well to the volume pot on your bass, cleaning up even more as you roll it back.

The left footswitch activates the Hex Schmitt Trigger, adding flutter to your signal. The “H” speed knob will change the effect from a fast tremolo up through a pitch oscillation, all while mixed with your drive signal.

Check the pedal out with this demo:

The Fuzzrocious Pedals M.O.T.H. will be available at the end of October with a street price of $155, but Fuzzrocious is offering a special introductory deal. Starting on October 29th at 12PM EST, the first twenty customers who purchase a Fuzzrocious pedal product (other than the M.O.T.H. pedal) and a t-shirt will receive a M.O.T.H. for free.

Fuzzrocious Pedals M.O.T.H. Pedal Details:

Handmade by Fuzzrocious
Overdrive, Fuzz, Tremolo, Noise Machine Oscillator
For Bass and Guitar

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