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Mark Dresser Seven Releases “Sedimental You”

Mark Dresser: Sedimental YouBassist/composer Mark Dresser has released Sedimental You, an exploratory album that teeters between free jazz and chamber music for a refreshing musical ride. The seven-song collection features his septet including flutist Nicole Mitchell, clarinetist Marty Ehrlich, trombonist Michael Dessen, pianist Joshua White, drummer Jim Black, and violinist David Morales Boroff. Each member of the group brings a special element to the album, which Dresser wrote specifically for them.

“…I really had Marty’s clarinet sound in my ear,” he shared. “I’ve had lots of groups with Michael Dessen, who’s a virtuoso trombonist and an invaluable collaborator in my groups and telematic projects. And Jim Black is a force of nature, who I worked with most often in New York and on Japanese tours as the rhythm section for Satoko Fujii.”

Get a feel for the album with this clip documenting the recording process:

Sedimental You is available as a digital download via iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Sedimental You Track List:

  1. Hobby Lobby Horse
  2. Sedimental You
  3. TrumpinPutinStoopin
  4. Will Well (For Roswell Rudd)
  5. I Can Smell You Listening (For Alexandra Montano)
  6. Newtown Char
  7. Two Handfuls of Peace (For Daniel Jackson)

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