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Cog Effects Introduces the Rogue One Bass Octave/Fuzz Pedal

Cog Effects Rogue One Bass Octave/Fuzz PedalThe octave pedal specialists at Cog Effects have unleashed a new octave/fuzz called the Rogue One. The flexible pedal combines two of the company’s Grand Tarkin bass fuzz channels with a third parallel sub-octave channel found in their T-70 for a huge sound.

“Each fuzz channel is supplemented with additional controls to further refine the sound as well as how the fuzz integrates with the octave,” Cog writes. “The clipping diodes can be removed from either or both clipping stages on the fuzz channels, and the clipping voicing can also be changed with the Depth switches to transcend through a broad range of Triangle, Russian and NYC tones. This allows for great variation between the two fuzz channels, and the A/B footswitch lets you swap between both channels on the fly.”

The sub-octave channel can then be added into either fuzz channel to increase the pedal’s magnitude. A clean kill toggle is added on each channel to mute the clean signal with the octave is engaged, which the company says helps to balance levels between modes. The filter control is also found on the Rogue One, allowing for shaping the octave signal from fuzzy to subby.

Check out the pedal in this demo:

The Cog Effects Rogue One is built one at a time in Sheffield, UK with true bypass switching in an aluminum enclosure with no PCB-mounted jacks. It’s available now for approximately $285.

Cog Effects Rogue One Bass Octave/Fuzz Pedal Features:

Flexible control sets and pedalboard-friendly design
Parallel octave to create new and unique sounds
Individually engraved Hammond 1590XX Aluminium Enclosures
True Bypass Switching
9-volt standard DC input