Zorg Effects Introduces Oppressor Compressor

Zorg Effects Oppressor Compressor PedalFrench pedal company Zorg Effects has unveiled the the Oppressor, an optical compressor they say packs tons of control into a small footprint.

Alongside Volume, Gain, and Compression knobs, the pedal has a pair of three-way switches for attack and release to give up to nine combinations of values. It also has a “BAD” switch that offers up some grit to the tone.

The Zorg Effects Oppressor can be purchased mounted or in a DIY kit. Retail price is $188 for the mounted kit.

Get a load of its bass capabilities with Zorg’s demo:

Zorg Effects Oppressor Compressor Pedal Details:

Nine clever combinations of attack and release values for easy setup via two switches.
Fixed ratio of 4, 6 or 8 on demand at command.
“Bad” switch for more gain, or less noise.
X100 gain minimum trough JFETs transistor for tube-like sounds.
Made in France

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